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DIEMR has propelled the sharing of innovative contents and processes of education providing the thrust towards excellence in education management. Improving education through experimentation, sharing & networking, an inter-linkage of institutions, publications and e-media is DIEMR's strategy to make a difference to education in this country. Heritage education is on top of its agenda as is the urge to evolve a truly Asiatic model of education that it believes is best suited for this country. The HERITAGE show of DIEMR is now an annual event for the past three years and is eagerly awaited by the educational fraternity.
DIEMR stands for governance of education. Having garnered support of a critical mass of committed individuals who stand for innovation and transformation, through its selfless commitment to making India a respectable destination for school and higher education, DIEMR is set to lead the evolution in education that is an imperative for this country today.
Ever since its inception, the Dayanand Institute of Education Management (DIEMR) has taken the lead in involving teachers, parents, students, academicians, counselors and professionals in actualizing its vision of creating academic excellence, value-driven students, creative and innovative teachers. Attaining total quality in the entire gamut of educational activities has been the hallmark of DIEMR. Other activities of the center include enhancement of competencies and soft skills of teachers, educating parents in the art of effective parenting, fostering creativity in students, helping students discover their potential and choose careers they have been crafted for.
The Dayanand Institute of Education Management and Research (DIEMR) has so far organized over 6 national level seminars and conferences on themes like HOLISTIC EDUCATION, INTEGRATED EDUCATION, QUALITY CONCERNS IN EDUCATION; ALTERNATE EDUCATION; EMERGING CONCERNS IN HIGHER EDUCATION, EDUCATION FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, CHALLENGES OF CONTEMPORARY MANAGEMENT EDUCATION -summaries of deliberations were liberally shared with administrators and policy makers of education.
In the last two years, DIEMR has also organized four seminars on NAAC and TQM implementation in institutions. The complete guide to implementation of NAAC criterion in colleges has been published as a monograph series. 6 monographs on various themes of education have been released so far on other topics too


In-service development of teachers using international models like TQM, Malcolm-Baldrige, ISO-9001 as the starting point of quality improvement, publications on educational themes, researching and scenario-mapping on trends in education, process and systemic improvements in education management, organizing national conferences and short seminars on educational themes, improving the effectiveness of teaching-learning processes.


Annual national conference, Annual Heritage programmes, DAV Talent Competition, Khoj Science Festival, Journal of Education (bi-annual).


Integration of Indian ethos, philosophy and wisdom into conventional education processes; designing the education which leads the learner to supreme peace with himself and his surroundings; enhancing India's social capital to top slot.


Can education and schools bridge the great spiritual chasm?
Can education do something about the cynicism, disappointment and futility generated by a materialistic orientation?
Education resulting in feverish and malcontent adults in a perpetual hurry with no leeway for reflection on higher issues and purposes.
DIEMR was established for the purpose of playing a catalyst's role in accelerating the responsiveness and transformation in educational processes and over the last three years, we have met with a reasonable amount of success in creating wide-spread awareness of the need to restore Indian heritage, values and ethos in education. DIEMR is now net-worked with all the significant individuals, institutions in education in the country and abroad.

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DAV Public School, Aundh
S.NO.157, Plot No.31,
D.P. Road Aundh, Pune,
Telephone: 020 25890081/25893377
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