S.No.157, Plot No.31, D.P. Road Aundh, Pune - 411007
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School is precisely the place where the mind gets its nourishment with wisdom adorning it. We are all born equal; it's the education that makes a man. Dreams play a very significant roll in shaping the future. I often dream of this school of mine at Aundh, Pune. It's beautiful lush green lawns and inviting landscape generate freshness in the most prime location of the wonderful city of Pune, the Oxford of the East. The school hosts enthusiasm and excitement of the bubbling young and the old, of the teacher and the taught. I investigate this school to be the dream school of every child in the city. I dream to be in the shoes of the old lady, totally committed to this wonderful transaction of wisdom and learning. I have a very firm conviction that my dream shall see its fulfillment, for I share this dream with the management of DAVCMC.


A school is the most dynamic workstation. The teacher and the taught and both are at work. Each is learning and sharing with equal enthusiasm and excitement.


Education is not the amount of information that is put in your brain that runs riot there. It is for life building, man making and character molding.


To provide the best possible inputs for pupils to learn, to cultivate habits that lead them to adopt positive attitudes to life and develop a deep sense of human values that will enable them to fulfill their potential and contribute to the society and the country. Let your child be ask in the sublime, serene raise of love and enlightenment,Let him explore the opportunities galore, Let him experience the utmost pleasure of learning, thrill of enquiring and ecstasy of discovering, Let him enjoy the feel of belonging to magnificent home away from his own home, After all he is so precious to us, Let us give him a childhood that he shall cherish for life, For childhood just come once......



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DAV Public School, Aundh
S.NO.157, Plot No.31,
D.P. Road Aundh, Pune,
Telephone: 020 25890081/25893377

E-mail Id: davaundh@gmail.com

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