DAV Public School, Aundh

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The school earnestly endeavors to impart comprehensive value based education through interaction method. This includes Co-operative learning

  • Refinement of individual skill and strengthening self confidence
  • Encouraging qualities of initiative and leadership
  • Non formal Education Projects and Activities.
  • Integrating Media and Technology with Education services
  • Educational Guidance and Counseling services
  • Reinforcing learner-Oriented Education services

Rewarding talents through prizes, awards and merit certificates
Originated in Mumbai to promote in excellence in education, to encourage scientific temper and to promote comprehensive development in children by opening new avenues to encourage creativity.
The center conduct innumerable programs directed towards tapping latent potential & providing an environment where learning becomes fun.
The DAVCCE provides a number of teaching aids for the children to give conceptual clarity. Question banks are prepared by the teachers to teach the children to face their examination with courage and confidence. Children are constantly encouraged to write poems, skits etc., which are published by the center. 

DAV Center for Creative Education also conducts seminars & workshops for teachers and children to keep them update.

Objectives of  DAVCCE
  • To promote creativity
  • In educational process
  • In teaching methods and materials
  • To promote education updates.
  • To create forum for dialogue on issues related to education.
  • To review the current educational process operative in school.
  • To encourage scientific temper.
  • To promote excellence as a part of total quality programme.
  • To train teachers to respond to respond to futuristic challenges to education.
  • To develop study material, question bank, activity packages relevant to the needs of students.
  • To provide stimulating environment.
Counseling Cell

DAVCCE caters to the emotional needs of children by providing Guidance and Counseling. It also provide Tele Counseling Network which can be availed by parents, teachers and students. The Tele Counseling Network has a team of renowned Doctors who will deal with sensitive topics like adolescence / youth / family interpersonal relationship / Aids / addiction and other personal problems

DAV Talent Promotion Examination

DAV Talent Promotion Examination is conducted at the National level to help students identity their strengths & discover ways to overcome their weakness.

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and Workshops are conducted for teachers to train them to respond to futuristic challenges in education.


Science Festival "KHOJ" is conducted every year at the National level to promote Scientific thought and expressions. It is an endeavour to keep pace with the changing scenario, to be equipped to meet the challenges ahead and to manage change with the scientific temperament.
KHOJ A national level program, an endeavour to explore the scientific attitude and talent of students. This is one of the efforts to make students think divergently, scientifically and rationally. It serves as a great platform to find out and tap the scientific abilities of our young scientists. The topics selected for the program are focused on current issues and are research based. This gives a lot of opportunity to children to propose their innovative and creative ideas.

DAV Pune is proud to have won prizes at this national level event for
  • The Best Speaker (2003)
  • The Best Project (2004)
  • The project, experiments and essay writing -Third prize (2005)

Cultural Festival is conducted every year at the National Level to provide platform to performing Arts of various forms.

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DAV Public School, Aundh
S.NO.157, Plot No.31,
D.P. Road Aundh, Pune,
Telephone: 020 25890081/25893377
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